Fantree Annual Dinner & Dance Photo Contest-2011

From: Serina Joon/KUL/DKSH
Cc: Jeffrey Vincent Ng/KUL/DKSH@DKSH, Seat Jian Yong/KUL/DKSH@DKSH
Date: 12/06/2011 08:42 AM
Subject: Fantree Annual Dinner and Dance Photo Contest Submission is Open


Dear colleagues,

Hope you have had an enjoyable time at the Fantree Annual Dinner and Dance last Saturday.

After savoring the scrumptious dinner, having a fun-filled night of entertainment and redeeming your lucky draws, it is now time to further CASH IN on the excitement of the Annual Dinner.

Submission for the Photo Contest is now open, so make sure you hurry in submitting your entry. Lucrative price money awaits!
Most creative entry - RM500
First runnner-up - RM300
Second runner-up - RM200

How it works
- Take photos at Fantree Club Annual Dinner and Dance 2011 at Shangri La Hotel
- Select the best photos and lay them out in the power point template provided below (Photo Contest.ppt)
- Be creative - use themes, captions, speech bubbles or whatever it takes to make your entry as creative as possible

- Contest is open only to Fantree Club Members.
- Each participant is allowed to submit one entry
- Entries must be submitted in One soft-copy & One hard-copy to be valid
- Soft copy send via email to; hard copy deliver to Mr. Yong Seat Jian at Human Resources Dept., Jalan University
- Ensure file size does not exceed 10MB to prevent bouncing of email
- Submission closing date: Noon of Friday, 9 December 2011
. Only the first 40 submissions will be selected for the contest, so make sure to submit your creative entries once they are ready.

Voting mechanism
- Successful entries will be uploaded onto MY DKSH Blog at and displayed at reception area in selected companies on Monday, 12 December 2011
- After viewing, voters will choose their favorite entry on MY DKSH Blog and results will be shown at bottom of page
- Voting polls will open from 12 December 2011 and will close by the end of 16 December 2011
- Each voter is only allowed to vote once
- Entries with the three highest votes win
Disclaimer: The organizing committee reserves the right to select entries that best meet the qualifications and criteria of contest as winners.

Simple as that. So, don't forget to bring your camera to the Fantree Club Annual Dance and Dinner 2011.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Mr. Yong Seat Jian or me for further information.


Best regards,

Serina Joon
Manager - Communications & Public Relations
Malaysia and Singapore

DKSH Holdings (Malaysia) Berhad
74 Jalan University, 46700 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia.
DID +603 7966 0240 Fax +603 7956 0401,

Think Asia. Think DKSH.


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