Upgrade Memory Laptop Usang

Dah lama RAM ni aku simpan.Tak dak masa nak tukaq.Makin lama,makin slow jaa laptop buruk ini,so terpaksa laa men'rajin'kan diri meng'upgrade'.Ni laptop model Dell latitude D610.Laptop lama,boleh laa setakat nak buat kerja2 ringan,layan Facebook.Memory pun skit 30GB ja.Cukup laa tu.

Antara proses semasa menukar RAM.

Ni cara2 nak upgrade,aku Google &copy dari laman web insidemylaptop

Dell Latitude D610 laptop has two memory slots available for upgrades. This laptop can take up to 2GB, so you can install up to 1GB memory module in each slot.
You should use PC2-4200 DDR2-533 SODIMM memory modules. Your laptop will work in dual channel mode (recommended) if you install two identical memory modules. In my case, I’m going to install two 1GB PC2-4200 modules.
One of the memory slots (Slot B) can be accessed through the door on the bottom of the laptop. The second slot (Slot A) is hidden under the keyboard, so we’ll have to remove the keyboard. If your laptop was configured with only one memory module, you’ll find it in slot A.
Before you do anything, do not forget to remove the battery.

Let’s remove the keyboard. Insert a flat head screwdriver between the keyboard bezel and laptop case and carefully lift up the bezel. Remove the bezel.
You’ll find two screws securing the keyboard. Remove both screws.

Now carefully lift up the keyboard. You’ll see the default memory module under the keyboard, right above the touch pad buttons. It’s possible to replace the memory module without disconnecting the keyboard.

I will disconnect the keyboard so I can make better pictures for you. Simply grab the blue tag attached to the keyboard connector and pull it up. Now you can remove the keyboard.
On the picture below you can see the default memory module installed into the slot A. In order to remove it, spread latches on both side with your fingers.

Now you can pull the default memory module from the slot and replace it with a new one.
I’m installing a 1GB module into this slot.
Finally, install another 1GB module into the slot on the bottom. Turn on the laptop and you are ready to go!


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